MIS & Data

Management Information Systems for stakeholders to make informed decisions from visually appealing and feature rich dashboards and reports.

Our Solutions

We have developed: 

  • An educational MIS for Karnataka Learning Partnership to track and monitor scholastic learning among 1.1 million children studying in public schools in Karnataka. 
  • Digital classrooms (containing both hardware, software, content and live monitoring tools) for more than 5000 schools in Karnataka, Rajasthan, J&K and UP. 
  • An AI and Machine Learning based crop yield prediction application for helping farmers predict the potential yield before sowing the seeds. The app also helps farmers throughout the crop cycle through sound scientific advice. 
  • An FPO management software for FPOs in India, Kenya and Tanzania to manage the evolution and growth of FPOs supported by IFHD. 
  • Management Information Systems that help NGOs collate data and practice water conservation in India.

MEAL App - Monitoring Evaluation Accountability and Learning Application

Child Rights and You (CRY) has been working towards creating happier and healthier childhoods for the last 40 years. Our technology solution has helped CRY manage their end to end program implementation process right from the pre-funding visit to end impact assessment. The application is robust and manages data of 0.6 million beneficiaries. The project is implemented by 100+ partners across India. The solution manages an extensive portfolio spread across different thematics and multiple stakeholders. The system collates the data and it is visualised in the form of dashboards and reports.

The application has been Integrated with the beneficiaries, facilities and other administrative data into a centralised and comprehensive management information system. A high level dashboard helps the senior management at CRY monitor impact and make informed decisions.



Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (India)- AKRSP(I) is a non-governmental development organisation. AKRSP(I) works as a catalyst for the betterment of rural communities by providing direct support to local communities. The integrated AKRSP(I) MIS is able to capture beneficiary and activity information from the 2400 villages of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar capturing beneficiary information of over 1.5 million people from marginalised sections of society. 

The application provides insights on the number of beneficiaries received services across multiple thematics. Our solution has enabled AKRSP(I) to bring all its programs under one single application. It has been integrated with program management, donor management, thematic management, indicator management and activity management modules which provide end-to-end insights on program implementation planning till organisation and donor reporting requirements. The application has been integrated with form builder features which enable them to design their own data collection tools. The Android mobile application, which has: Multilingual capacity – English & regional language, Integrates the data collection forms for each of the activities with logic and validations, enables data collection in online and offline mode.

Project Management System solution

Socialbytes has designed and configured a Project Management System (PMS) for Jan Sahas. The application is a mobile and web-based application which the Jan Sahas staff and the partner’s organisation can document day to day activities they perform in the organisation. The application also captures the process of project management including tracking Milestones, Activities and Tasks of each of the project and its outcomes. The application enables high standards of transparency and accountability.

This is an intuitive application, which is synced real-time with the servers. The mobile application allows staff to update the task status both online and offline. It has an exhaustive analytics and reporting engine which provides actionable insights to the various stakeholders in the organisations