We develop solutions which transform an organisation allowing them to scale while aligning with their unique existing processes. Our customer ideas are transformed into solutions which allow them to transform

Our Solutions

Most innovations and solutions require organisations to change the way they work as they are designed with a “one size fits all” approach. Our team of domain experts create solutions that are woven within the organisation processes, allowing them to be easily adapted. Our innovation, methodologies and domain expertise can enhance social sector programs to be impactful and scalable.

Mahindra Foundation

We have developed an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based crop yield prediction application helping farmers predict the potential yield before sowing the seeds. The app also helps farmers throughout the crop cycle providing sound scientific advice thus enabling farmers to produce more yield from their farmland using scientific methods of agriculture. The platform uses SMS and in-app notifications to engage the farmer on a continual basis and coaches the farmer to use the right interventions and farm inputs.

We designed and developed a mobile application that provides a personalised experience to every farmer using the platform. The mobile app collects farm related input data from farmers and analyses them using proprietary algorithms. The mobile application provides a gamified user experience to the farmer to simulate a series of activities that he/she should carry out during the life-cycle of the crop and capture different inputs from farmers related to irrigation, pesticide and nutrient application. Through the mobile app, the farmer will be engaged at regular intervals and guided on what activity should be carried out next (and when) to increase the farm output

App based Learning Management System for OELP

The objective of the project was to design and develop an interactive software application that engages teachers and teacher-educators. The application digitised OELP’s early literacy kit called Varna Samooha and helped teachers understand teaching techniques and associated methodologies, while using them as part of their day-to-day activities. The mobile application made use of audio/visual content, and created a wizard driven journey for teachers wanting to use the Varna Samooha kit in the classroom. The application was gamified to keep the teachers engaged throughout the journey covering 6 modules. The system made use of live classroom video footage, animation, audio, slides and interactive games to convey concepts. The system also tracks the usage allowing teachers to search for content and sample content relevant for the session. The system gathers information on user feedback from teachers and this data is used for continuous improvement. The multilingual app is capable of working both offline and online. The web application is a backend tool for tracking application downloads, analytics, dashboards and reports.